I want to make a wall with a image repeating across it like wallpaper.

I tried it in the node editor but the image is taking up the entire plane. I just want it to be small and for the image to repeat across the entire plane.

How do I do that?


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All you need to do to get an image to repeat in a Cycles material is add a Vector > Mapping node between the Texture Coordinates and Image Texture. Set the Mapping node to Texture at the top and set any of the Scale: values to less than one to make the image repeat along a certain (or multiple) axis(axes).

Mapping node

The other option, without adding any other nodes, is to simply scale up the UVmap in the UV/Image Editor. A UV map larger then the image will make the image repeat.

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Adding to David's answer:

Note that to control how many times you want to repeat an image in a texture you can use the Min and Max values of the mapping node. Min 0 Max 1 will show the image one time only.

enter image description here


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