I need create simple cartoon like animation. I need import a svg image, and bend it. No movement only bending. For example a Christmas tree that bends in the wind.


After importing a .SVG like this you see that it consists of many curves.

You can convert it with Alt-C Mesh from Curve...

After scaling and rotating all elements and relocating some parts you should have something like that: enter image description here

Then it is up to you to:

  • Animate the tree segments with glitter balls parented by simply keyframe their rotation.
  • Join all to one mesh and add a shape keys to animate them (use proportional editing)
  • Creating a rig is also possible but would be kinda overkill
  • $\begingroup$ When I Join all object is possible to 'unjoin' it ? <br/> Is possible to add a bones? $\endgroup$ – bardzo Dec 20 '14 at 22:42
  • $\begingroup$ @Bardzo Yes you can separate them [P], which methods works best depends on your tree, the one I used has three tree segments so parenting works nice and I would only keyframe the three parent objects. If you insist to use bones simply add them and parent the objects to the bones. $\endgroup$ – stacker Dec 21 '14 at 7:56
  1. Add your image in to blender using the Add Image as Plane addon.
  2. Add loop cuts to the image where you want it to bend. Read this question to see how to do so without stretching the texture.
  3. Enable the Anim All addon
  4. Using proportional editing and keyframes bend your image the way you want.

This youtube channel has several videos about animation 2D drawings.

  • $\begingroup$ this youtube and web page is not good. meybe is a chance to produce good tutorial to all 2d animation toons? lige south park or paper cartoon? $\endgroup$ – bardzo Dec 22 '14 at 9:35

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