I am a beginner in blender, i am making a pipeline for blender projects at my studio and i am running down with a problem .

The issue is with linking the same asset file multiple times.(eg: Ch_A in a scene multiple times)

A brief or example of the situation:- I have a rig asset (Ch_A) which i need to use in my shot multiple times. Now what i am doing is linking it in my shot and making a proxy of it, Now when i move the char controller then all the Ch_A are moving with that controller. The same thing in maya was like i was making a reference of the asset multiple times and i was getting a namespace which was unique, and then it had all unique controllers with it. But here since i dont know if blender has this namespace things or not. I would really like to know if i am doing it the correct way or there is another way to do this kind of things. Please let me know what should be the best way to bring in same asset(deforming asset) multiple times.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks Santosh Das .


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