I'm new to blender so bare with me.

I have a blender model which I want to export for 3D printing but with colors. I colored my model using Texture Painting and assigned my model (object) a material with the texture. When I render the model in blender using Eevee or Cycles, my texture is correctly shown...so my guess is that the model is setup correctly.

Now I want to export the model (as OBJ, or whatever) and have it 3D printed online with colors. However, whatever I do, the online preview of the 3D printing sites do not show the colors/texture.

Does anyone have some instructions and an online 3D printing site where I could have my model printed in color using a blender file?

Kind Regards

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    $\begingroup$ You should get these informations from a site you choose for 3d print. Field of 3d printing if quite large with different technologies. $\endgroup$ – vklidu Feb 7 at 19:29

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