I'm trying to animate a duck swimming along my floor and have the floor deform like its liquid using dynamic paint waves.

So I took some footage and tracked a plane onto the floor. I then used the same footage in an image texture with "window" texture coordinate for the material of the plane, so it would be invisible over the footage.

I thought if I then made the plane a canvas for waves the floor would look like its a liquid however the "window" texture coordinate kind of ignores the geometry and just looks straight through to the movie texture, so no waves are visible.

I then tried baking a single image from frame 1 onto the plane and that worked perfectly for the waves, but reflections/perspective don't really line up for the whole timeline.

Is there a way to have a plane match the footage its tracked onto similar to the way using the "window" texture coordinate looks, but with the footage actually stuck to the geometry so it can deform?

Or if there's a completely different method to do this that would be easier?

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!!


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