I'm really new to blender but I did a lot of research and testing, but my render times are just bad.
Or rather my rendertimes in a specific file that I created (my first project).

For the scene I need about 1:30h to render. I render on CPU (Ryzen 9 5900x), because my CPU is faster than my GPU (GTX1060 6GB) (and yes I know, GPU render would be better and yes my GPU is a bottleneck, but RTX 3080 is sold out).

I tested the BMW file/ benchmark and have a render time (CPU) of about 1min with adaptive sampling on.

Can somebody with more knowledge than me please check out my blender file and tell me what I did wrong?
I already played around with specific render settings (samples, denoise, tilesize, bounces)
Maybe a simple setting is wrong that I just overlooked, because the scene isn't really that complexe (just a single shelf in a room).

To note: I would like to render this image in 4k, so that's intended.

Thank you for your help.


Your expectations may be too high for a 4k image.

Your benchmark of 1 minute for the BMW is very good. Note, however, that the image is rendered with only 35 samples and at 50% size. If you increase the size to 100% the render time will quadruple! Increase the size to 400% and it will be multiplied by 16 again. That's 64 times longer for 400% than if the size was 50%. This turns one minute render time into one hour!

On the other hand, your scene is an indoor scene. Such interior scenes need much more samples to get rid of the noise. That's because the light only comes through the window or door and bounces in the room. More samples increase the render time. Light portals can help a bit (What does Light Portal mean?).

For preview in high-res you can render only a part of the image with a box selection, press Ctrl+B. (To remove the box press Ctrl+Alt+B)

Last but not least you can render nice interior scenes with Eevee, too. Have a look here: (youtube) How to make Realtime Archviz with Blender and Eevee (Part 1 of 3)

18 Ways to Speed Up Blender Cycles Rendering (It's from 2017 but gives you an idea about render times and how to save time)

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you very much. Somebody on reddit also pointed out that I'm actually rendering at 8k (because I've set it to 400%). My initial idea was 1080p * 400% is 4k, but actually only dimensions get multiplied and it comes out to 7680x4320 instaed of my wanted 3840x2160 $\endgroup$
    – jona
    Feb 3 at 11:40

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