First of all I am very close to being a complete beginner in animation/rigging etc... I modelled my character, rigged it and know I would like to create some animations for him. They are fairly simple, I often just do an animation from one pose to another. I managed to save my poses in the pose library. Then I managed to create an animation using the ActionEditor panel of Blender and managed to import it in Unity correctly. But the thing is I don't understand where my animations are saved in my Blender file... In fact when I try doing another export of my fbx to export another animation it doesn't work... (maybe i was lucky with the first animation but I can't find a way to do it again...) I will link two picture to try an explain myself better. One picture is of a list of actions in the ActionEditor (list that I do not understand, what is it showing?) and another picture with my prefab in Unity, showing only 3 animations...)

If anyone could points me towards a tutorial regarding that topic I would be super grateful!!

Thanks in advance,

This Image is the one in Blender

enter image description here

This Image is the one in Unity

enter image description here


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