I rendered 250 frames to png for an animation. I opened these images as Image Sequence in QuickTime (10.5), and set the frame rate to 25 per second. This should give me a movie of 10 seconds.

I got a 10 second movie, BUT all 250 images play within the first 4 seconds, and the remaining 6 seconds are just a still frame of my 250th image!

When I enter other frame rates, like 60 / second, I get a 4 second movie, but all the movement is in the first 40%, then only a still frame.

How can I create a movie from my 250 png images that actually plays at 25 fps?

I don't have to stick to QT, it just seemed the easiest option. Anything on macOS would be ok. I had the same problem in Compressor though.

EDIT in response to Allen Simpson's easy-to-follow reply (thank you!)

Unfortunately same result as described above.

Sequence of 250 images: files

start-frame, end-frame, 25 fps:

Result: a 10s movie clip with all the movement in the first 4 seconds and a still frame for 6 seconds... Ouch! Can't get my head around this. Any suggestions?


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I can't say for sure but the first thing I'd do is just render it out as an mp4 from Blender.

Here's a complete breakdown of the steps:

When you first open Blender hit the Video Editing preset.

enter image description here

Go to Add -> Image/Sequence.

enter image description here

Go to the folder containing your images and sort them by name so that they are in order going down the folder. Hit A to select all and add them to the timeline.

enter image description here

You should see the timeline something like this, now, and be able to play back your sequence with the controls at the bottom.

Note: Playback will stutter because Blender does not prefetch the frames by default. If you play it through a couple of times everything will be loaded in RAM, provided you do not run low, and it will play normally.

enter image description here

Now head over to the top right panel and make sure your resolution, frame start and end, and frame rate are what they should be.

enter image description here

Finally, scroll down to the Output section. Pick a directory and change the file format to ffmpeg (or your choice).

And set the container and codec you want to use.

enter image description here


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