Having the left eye shrinkwrapped on a sphere it looks just fine. However the right eye is being stretched to the right. Perfectionist as I am they have to look exactly the same. I cannot find the reason why and also adding a simpledeform doesn't seem to help. And if someone knows a workflow to get the eyes looking like this this that would be perfect! The workflow I had planned right now is:

  1. Combining two circles and join them together as an eye with a pupil.
  2. Wrap the eye(s) around the body (sphere)
  3. Cut out the eyes by boolean operation
  4. Solidify the body (spehere)


Blendfile can be found here.


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It's doing exactly what it's being told to do. If you view along the Y axis CTRL-numpad 1 and hit numpad 5 for orthographic view, you'll see the 2 eyes are not centered on the ghost in the direction that shrinkwrap is projecting it. enter image description here

As you have it, in Project mode, Shrinkwrap projects a mesh into another mesh along a defined axis.

The simplest fix, is to move both eyes to be centered across the centre line of the ghost. enter image description here

Also, apply your rotation so the direction of projection makes more sense, Negative Y.

  • $\begingroup$ Great for this lead. The origin point being centered across the centre line of the ghost did the trick! Now it is symmetrical again as your picture. $\endgroup$
    – fonz55
    Jan 27, 2021 at 11:35

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