Is there a restriction with animation nodes and follow path constraints?

I have made a sphere which distance to the single plane controls the angles of the underlying plane grid. Works great. If i move around the sphere the planes turn accordingly.

Now i wanted to animate the sphere by a curve (because i am to lazy to keyframe it) and i added a curve and added the object constraint "follow path" to it. Now i keyframe the offset 0 to 100 at the beginning and the end of my animation.

Unfortunately now animation nodes does not react anymore to the movement of the sphere.

If i move the sphere manually in 3d view it works like a charm.

what am i missing?

enter image description here


Follow path animation can be done inside AN without any constraints.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ great, thank you, works perfectly. $\endgroup$ – Chris Jan 22 at 18:30

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