I'm some what new to Blender, especially to nodes, so I don't know if this is a beginner question. enter image description here

I'm making a Brick Wall texture, from the Rob Tutyel course. The main problem with this wall is the Sandstone border. It's just bulging way too much.

enter image description here I hope you can see that hard transition with the Sandstone.

enter image description here Here is the hard line, it's really weird and un-realistic.

I've learned why this problem occurs. I'm using a mask maps to tell Blender where and where not do the Brick Wall displacement. For the part where it isn't supposed to do displacement, it just over does it. I don't know if there is some sort of "null" node. But sure as hell sounds useful right now.

enter image description here Here is Sandstone mask map. I had to take a snippet of it, because the file size is way to large.

I am aware that the plaster is using the Brick Wall displacement. I was trying to solve one of them, because they are both basically the same thing.

Here is my project

Here is a screenshot of things related to the mask map. enter image description here


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