I'm using View Navigation Walk and the jump functionality is strange. I press spacebar but instead of jumping I go flying to whatever surface is straight ahead of me. It's more like a "hookshot" or "grapple gun" maneuver than a jump. Actually, I think this is the Teleport feature. But if that's the case, what key is "jump" mapped to?

When I search for "jump" in the Keymap section of Preferences nothing relevant turns up.


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In Preferences, search shortcuts by name and look in 3D View > 3D View (Global) > (scroll way down) View3D Walk Modal

View3D Walk Modal key bindings

It's odd that it doesn't appear in search results when typing "walk" or "jump".

The default jump key is V, but can of course be reassigned.

It may also be worth mentioning that once in the Walk Modal, Tab toggles gravity, Esc resets the camera to its original position, and Enter commits the new camera position.


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