Im relatively new to multiprocessing and blender and am trying to create several 100,000 mesh objects at once (all are randomized, so I cant use a particle system (I dont think). These objects are then dropped into a box using rigid body physics.

I have optimized the physics element of my script (for which I believe I cant use any multiprocessing), but want to see if I can speed up the generation of my mesh objects. Would multiprocessing be an option as I have 10 cores available and am currently using one.

I have attempted the following multiprocessing section, but it crashes blender, im aware that the code is very privative and needs substantial work, but any guidance is appreciated.

if __name__ =='__main__':

where rockgenerator is my function for generating my mesh objects and the other arguments control some aspects of the rocks, location, rotation etc. nop60 is the number of rocks to be generated.

Is multiprocessing in this case possible?, actually advantageous?


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