in the "workbench" rendering engine of blender there is an option called "cavity" where you can enable a feature which is called "valley" which basically is similar to ambient occlusion where it fills tight spaces with darkness in the model. is there any way to create a similar effect in an eevee material? i know world space is pretty much just the ambient occlusion node, but i am unsure of how to replicate screen space. and i would like to have both enabled at the same time. is this possible? Thanks in advance


I'm not sure if Eevee has capability to get there, since all edge detection nodes (like Bevel, Pointiness, or what ever) is not working in Eevee.

The closest I was able to get is with Cycles and yet with problematic part. Node tree contains Pointiness feature that is sensitive for vertex distances, so to get there I had to use Subdivision Modifier in a very high level. So whole this example is quite useless.

So just for an idea or someones exploration ...

Workbench enter image description here

Cycles enter image description here

enter image description here


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