i have an object that im trying to recreate in blender. its a bookmark with lights in it and im trying to get it to have the correct light bouncesbookmark with edges lit just from a side of the glass

Im trying to get it to look like this, where the light kinda gets trapped at the edges of the glass and gets reflected inside. But when i tried making it, the results looked like this.

blender light reflection the light doesnt get reflected from the edges of the glass but it escapes. i wonder if there is a way to create it so the light looks like this. for the details, i used area light to light up the glass and for some reason, i had to put the light source inside the glass. if it were to be a little bit behind the glass, no light would get through even after i made a hole for the glass to insert in the wooden section. i also increased the light intensity for that render because if i didnt the light wouldnt reach the end of the glass. the max brightness i could set is about 1 W before the red starts overpowering the upper part of the glass in false color mode

false color with lots of red on the glass part

im extremely new to blender so pls dont use any weird blender terms thanks :)



In edit mode select side faces and assign material with Emision Shader.

enter image description here


This glass plate consists from three materials:

  • front/back side with Glass Shader
  • bottom side with Emission Shader
  • top/left/right side with Glass Shader but now with Roughness 1

enter image description here


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