I'd like to have a "Rave/strobe" lighting effect, lots of various point lights all around the scene while the animation goes on, all rapidly changing colour in random patterns.

Is there any way to do this?

I do only have a short amount of time to finish this, so a easily understood and beginner level explanation would be greatly appreciated


F-Curves modifier

Use nodes for your lights.

Add a HSV (far) Color ramp to feed the Emission shader color.

Now you just have to keframe the Factor of the color ramp and the Strenght of the emission node to a starting value.

Open the Graph editor and add a Noise modifier to each of the keframed channels and adjust the parameters to suit you needs. Factor should bounce between 0 and 1, while for the strenght you can go wild.

enter image description here

You can even use/combine others modifiers (sine, stepped interpolation....) to achieve other results.

enter image description here


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