Im using the OpenDentalCAD plugin. I am trying to automate the whole process ( or as far as it's possible) to create a splint. There is the function to blockout the model. It works great, the only thing is:

The code in the plugin uses the bpy.context - data, which is not quite useful for scripting as the Bblockout operation takes its data from the 3D View, e.g. you have to set the viewpoint the top of the model. So whenever I try to run blockout from the console in "Scripting" view it gives an error, that the text_space has no 3d-Region(obviously. In the end it's the wrong space). Is there some way to pretend that bpy.context is the 3D View? Or to to force OpenDentalCAD to see the 3D-View as its context?

Thanks in advance


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