I'm creating the inside of a hangar, and after some work, I checked to see how the shading is. To my surprise it's all messed up. I've never seen this bad smoothing, and I have no clue how to make it right.

This occurs with Flat-

Flat Shading

and Smooth shading.

Smooth Shading

Both instances have Auto Smooth turned on and at 180° angle (I do this to manually control what parts to smooth). Vertecies that belong to one plane have no deviation in their x, y or z values (depending on plane orientation). The normals of the faces are all pointing inside, I have tried recalculating numerous times inside and outside with little variation in outcome.

In the beggining I have extruded a few vertecies to create a box, then cut and extruded parts to end up with this shape. ((Is there some other hidden attribute that causes this? What have I done wrong? I want this to look "normal", with uniform smoothing along faces. I need Auto Smooth turned on, because the further detail that I plan to add requires it.))


A Subdivison modifier solved the problem, but simplyfiyng the mesh no longer creates this visual artifact. In spite I would also like to ask if there is any variable that could cause the smoothing to mess up, in order to avoid it in the future. Did something "get lost in translation" in the code, or wht else could cause this?


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