I recently asked a question in here, and wanted to ask a new one, as it was very convoluted, and I now know what I need to know.

I need to save multiple objects' location in XYZ as RGBA data on an image. The colors should match that of blender in metric, so if I move the object up 0.719 meters in blender, the color should be 0.719. Just like shown here. enter image description here

Furthermore I need to save their rotation in quaternions as RGBA as well, different image though.

I've found this script, but it doesn't do exactly as I need, could it be rewritten, or how would I go about it? Since I also need the data from multiple objects, saved in a string of pixels. https://github.com/JoshRBogart/unreal_tools?files=1

For a visual reprensentation of what I need to do, I need to place these track elements (shown in green outline) in a shape to form the belt for a tracked mashine. Each pixel corresponds to one element and it's position/rotation. So the number of pixels should match the number of objects. enter image description here

The rest will then be handled by the shader in the game.

I've included an original file from the game, if it helps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/amvvysvzrba3w9f/trackArray.rar?dl=0



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