I have a bunch of meshes parented to armatures in one scene (Scene A). All the objects are all nicely set up with their own hair and modifiers etc... And all the armatures have a set of animation actions applied to them NLA editor. I now need to make a new scene (Scene B) in which the same objects have different animation actions applied.

I COULD simply copy all of the objects and their armatures into the new scene and apply the new animation strips in the NLA editor to the copies, but that duplicates all the hair and modifiers for no reason, since the hair on the charecter should remain the same between scenes. It also needlessly bloats the files, especially since I have 8 charecters and about 4 different scenes for them.

If I select Unlink Animation Data for the armatures, that doesn't actually unlink the NLA action strips from that scene. If I delete or (try to) unlink a strip or a track for an object in a scene, then it's also removed from every other scene, even if I've also unlinked the animation data for that object.

How exactly is the NLA editor supposed to work for scenes? It seems to be completely indifferent when it comes to scenes, even though 'a bunch of animations' is pretty much the literal definition of what a scene is, and the NLA's job is supposed to be managing how 'a bunch of animations' comes together.


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