I am newer than new to blender and i want to export multiple animations

In page 48 and 49 of the colladae 1.4 docs it specifies animations clips can be used to specify multiple diffrent animations as clips each having their own start and end time which is what i need here.

Here i am using blender 2.8 and this is how my scene looks. I am using a dope sheet to create 2 seperate timelines for my 2 animations. Clip1 animation moves the cube in a circle while Clip2 moves the cube in an square. Here is how my scene looks

enter image description here

But when i export my scene to an colladae file leaving all the options for exporting there exactly the same when i first installed blender. I don't see an animation clip library in my colladae file, the file was viewed in eclipse xml viewer.

enter image description here

In fact only the animation of the currently selected clip was exported and other one was lost meaning if I selected Clip1 and exported only that animation was exported and Clip2 is lost and vice versa.

How do i export these 2 animations as animation clips in colladae file format? Basically i am writing an colladae file importer for an library in opengl for importing multiple animations and i need these clips to seperate them


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