I'm working on a boss model in Cycles Render for a game I'm working on, and I've noticed that Blender 2.79 suddenly stops whenever I try to manually adjust the boss model's rotation, as well as its other transform commands. Before I simplified the geometry of the model, it also crashed constantly. Below is the polygon count for each model:

Antheia (boss model): Verts: 2926/ Faces: 3,928/ Tris: 5,382/ Objects: 29

S.C. (player model): Verts: 35,604/ Faces: 36,665/ Tris: 72,284/ Objects: 57

Even though the player model has much more in almost all of the polygon counts, I find that the boss model lags much more then it. I also noticed that the boss model's file size is almost double that of the player model. (9.44 MiB to 5.32 MiB) I've also noticed that the boss model

Is it a matter of something wrong with the file, or there anything I can do to solve this problem?


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