edit: I don't know what exactly I did but I fixed it... I renamed my bones as for some reason all my bones had "L" on the end of them, I must have forgot to change the names after mirroring, maybe this will work for you if you have this problem too.

I'm trying to figure out why my character's upper leg rotates by 180 when constraining to my armature's bone. even if the weight is as small as 0.0001 the same thing happens. I've tried applying transforms and clearing but nothing seems to work, I'm really stumped. Sorry if this isn't enough information I'm not sure what else to write. Thanks.

enter image description here

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To sum it up :

  • Join all the meshes within one object
  • Recalculate the normals in Edit mode
  • Apply the scale of both the armature and the mesh (once done read here to correct the armature)
  • Select the knees of the armature and in Edit mode bend them a bit forward
  • Enable the Deform option for each bone that is supposed to act on the mesh (not the IK targets or pole target, not the root bone)
  • Select the object, shift select the armature, parent With Empty Groups, then switch the object to Edit mode, select one mesh after the other, and in the Properties panel > Object Data > Vertex Groups list, select the group it is supposed to be part of and click Assign
  • Correct the IK constraint Pole Angle value if necessary

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