This is driving me insane. Ive been researching this animation technique since I was a child and last night something clicked in my head where I thought to myself I'd finally have it but then this happens.

Im not even doing anything fancy here. Im just making a simple third person character to make some simple base mechanics.

What Im doing for now is using a mixamo character, I added my own simple IK bones to the rig - a standard hand control bicep target foot control knee target system you see in every rigging tutorial. I did nothing to the weight paints that came with it. For exporting I make sure its face shading, disable leaf bones with deform bones only and Ive tried every result ive found on here. Im using 4.24.3 but I know this issue has been around forever because of blenders weird FBX system

So far whats happened:

-Ive realized that one of my IK bones was deform by accident so I remade the model. Same result happens : On import the model lies on its back, I get a message saying the import bones are different -Ive applied scale : Same thing as before but the armature is super tiny now -Ive applied rot : On import the mesh turns into this weird ball thing

-Occasionally if I switch to a tab like modeling, the armature deforms like its being pushed back. I can easily set it back in place with a ctrl + z or "reset pose" but I think it hints at a bigger problem with the rig (its not doing it right now, conveniently when I need to take screenshots(

Id make my own mesh and rig but this is really just a concept that I want to experiment with. I obviously import using a skeleton asset. I highly doubt it has anything to do with the rig/model too because I can easily retarget the default character animations to the character without problems

Im using the Dummy model from mixamo so maybe its just a problem with that? Does anyone have a trusty simple low poly man that they use without any problems?


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