I wanted to instance an object onto each face of my geo. To do so I relied on the Particle System, as hair, which gives me the setup options I desire.

The only issue I face is the Hair Particles count. I would like to have exactly one particle per face, but unless I tweak the total Number of particles to match the face count I cannot get the desired result.

If under Emission>Source I tweak the Particles/Face slider to 1 or any number, it does not change the number of instances, but merely the seed of the distribution. For now I am using the Python snippet below as a workaround to match polycount and set it as the particle number, but I wonder what I am missing.

bpy.data.particles["ParticleSettings"].count = len(bpy.data.objects['Cube'].data.polygons)

On an older post it was suggested that once you turn the Particle/Face slider to 1 or above that times the amount of faces would dictate the total number of particle and the Number slider was to be used as a max limit rather than an actual count.

This is that post: Emit Hair Particle from Center of Face

Here is a gif of the behavior I get. I tried this in Blender 2.91 and 2.92-Alpha: Behavior of Particle/Face seems counter intuitive

Is this working as intended? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all!


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