When I sculpt my model it appears to be alright but when I got to the point where I wanted to smooth it out and start working on finer details I noticed my model has lots of interior geometry that wasn't there before my sculpting started and it disallows me from interacting with those bits.

I can seem to get rid of the lines by any brush and smoothing/removing makes them extremely visible.

Nor can I simply go into edit mode to remove them as there are quite a lot and with dynotopo on 75 it would take a long long time to remover literally 10s of thousands of verts.

Remesh actually creates donut looking holes through those parts and any attempt to merge by distance or limited dissolve does nothing.

If I remesh and try to fill the holes it simply doesn't work and I am unable to select edge loops to manually fill them.

I can't select by interior geometry as it isn't detecting these as interior for some reason. Yet my normals are fine.

Here are some images of the problem:

enter image description here

enter image description here

and here's a link to a similar question I found, none of the solutions worked for me. Any help appreciated.

Ps. don't edit my question if you're gonna remove my niceties out of my question dude.


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