I have a liquid physics animation. It animates from 1 to 100 frame. GIF: https://gfycat.com/ru/mixedweeharlequinbug

Parallel I want to animate cube with location keyframe. Scenerio is:

  • Cube starts at frame 1, goes to a certain position in frame 40, then physics animation starts.
    Cube animation(1fr - 40fr) -> physics animation(40fr - 140fr)

But when I'm simply setting Frame Start property under the Cache field, the Fluid domain is visible all along 1-40 frame. GIF: https://gfycat.com/ru/bitesizedrightfrenchbulldog

1.Is there any way to hide domain cube, still beeing able to see emitting luqid?

2.What is the proper way to achieve my goal?


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