I'm trying to set color and other properties of a shader dependent on the specific face of an imported mesh.

To make the problem a little bit less abstract, I'll give you the background: I did physics simulations on a surface mesh with some other software and got a timeline of values for each mesh face saved somewhere in a textfile. I want to make an animation, where these values are color coded on the surface mesh with blender.

I'm not exactly a blender pro and tried to fumble around with .osl scripts to the effect that I can set the time-dependent color of an object by using something like

float my_array[120] = {
#include "myfile.txt"

within the .osl script. I don't know whether there is a better way, any suggestions are welcome, but it works for now.

But now I'm stuck. The script needs a second input: the specific mesh face, preferrably as the index at which it occurs in the .ply file of the mesh. If I had that, i could again load some flattened array, calculate an index in it from the mesh index and the time. But how do I get that index? The Geometry node does not have something like that and a UV-map also doesn't seem like the place to look.

Thanks in advance for any pointers


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