I am searching for more efficient ways to FK-animate long bone chains, such as for tails and snakes. One thing I like to do for wave-like motion is keyframe the rotation of the first bone, put it on a cyclic back and forth curve, then copy the f-curves for each bone on the chain, and offset each one a few frames forward in time from the previous one. The problem is this takes a long time to do, especially with longer chains, and especially when you want to make a lot of changes to the motion afterwards. The idea of using this method on a long snake for example, starts to sound time-prohibitive. Is anyone aware of an addon, tool or script to accomplish this in a more automated or procedural way? I tried the Animation Replicator with Offset (ARWo) addon, but it doesn't quite seem to offer what I'm looking for. I thought about using Animation Nodes as well but I don't believe it has access to pose-mode bones.

Looking for a way to do this efficiently/procedurally for longer chains


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