Today Ive gotten a problem with my viewport shading.

If I work in "Display in solid mode" the models are showing corectlly. https://imgur.com/Lshfy8L But if I change to "Material preview mode" or " Rendered" my models go "grey as the background" invisible. No textures and no colors showing.(attached photos). https://imgur.com/Yg2hmLx https://imgur.com/OhV14Aq https://imgur.com/NDMXepi enter image description here

I had used Blender a lot on my system previously and never had this problem, also when I copy the same files to a different computer the viewport shading is showing the models correctly. I had searched litteraly all day if anybody had a similiar problem with no luck. Also I had reinstall my drivers, tried different versions of Blender, tried different project files, tried Blender demo files, also I have tried to reset Blender config to default and to install blender to another disk. Nothing worked. It is also the same if I use eevee or cyclees. (Only difference is that it somehow renders in Cycles normally). Am I missing something obvious? I really cant get viewport to be showing my models normal again. I appreciate all the help.

FIXED: It was a Radeon graphic card driver problem. I downgraded to 20.9.2 and it works now like a charm.