So, I am currently working on an animation where a ball of slime falls down onto a branch and partially retains its shape as a ball. I do this using a mantaflow simulation with a cloth physics sphere as the generator. I have the fluid simulation looking more or less how I want it, and the next thing I wanted to do was to have air bubbles suspended in the fluid like Jell-O. The method I decided to go with was to have the cloth sphere (which is the main body of the slime) generate particles that don't fly off or fall, they just remain stuck inside the sphere. While there are many tutorials for this effect for stationary objects, I have yet to find anything for use in an animation, let alone one inside an object running a cloth simulation. The results I have currently spawn in bubbles where I like them on frame 1, but the problem is that they pop out of the sphere when it hits the branch. I have tried adding collision to the sphere, but this does not work, and the particles still fly out. I have tried turning physics to none in the particle generator, but while this gets closer to the desired result, particles still exit the body. The only solution I can think of at the moment is creating a duplicate of the cloth sphere that isn't a generator to act as a seperate collision, but this feels like a clunky workaround.

Particles flying free

Collision settings

Particle settings

  • $\begingroup$ I've currently gone with the solution of just key animating the individual bubbles to get them where I want them. $\endgroup$ – agodsy Dec 14 '20 at 15:56

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