I'm not sure if I have the right "UV Live unwrap" user expectation, but it sure would help if it is

To begin, I have a simple 1 dimensional, flat square. I've unwrapped it. It shows in the UV editor.

Next I have to map this square to a specific spot in a texture that contains the word FOO. To do this I can place the UV over the word FOO in my texture ... now I have FOO mapped to the right place on the texture. Alls well

I now have another word on that texture -- Machinery. As you can see the word is longer than the 3 letter FOO. I dupe the FOO mesh and create a new P object for Machinery, move the Machinery object in the UV editor over to the machinery word location in the texture. As expected, the new machinery object/uv is too small for the larger machinery word-space on the texture.

Well I expected that since I duplicated/created its part from the smaller word FOO. So I need to resize the machinery object. OK, BUT...(and here's the question) ... I'm expecting that because I have live unwrap on, that if I take 2 of the right-side vertices of my machinery-word square object and move them in X make the Machinery object longer (so as to fit the longer word) the object gets longer, BUT the UV stays the original smaller size. Shouldn't the UV also become longer to sync and match the changed size of its now-longer Object??

I have UV live unwrap, and UV sync selection (vertices) sync on. I can add a seam and the UV DOES unwrap live if I do that, so Live seems to be working ... but shouldn't the UV also change its shape Live to stay synced with any changes made to the object?? Yes, I can "U" it again, and then the UV will now reflect the changed size of the object, but I have many, many of these mappings to do, and a lot of them will require size changes, and having to U every time, rotate, resize, grab, move to the right orientation/size is going to be super time consuming!

Is it incorrect to expect a UV to sync to an objects geometry changes in a Live way in the UV editor?? How do I get the UV and object to stay synced as described above please?


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