I’m animating a full 3 minute song in Eevee, and it’s supposed to look like one continuous camera movement, panning around the set between different characters. Each little chunk of the scene has its own camera path, and the camera has a bunch of Follow Path constraints on it with influence that animates over time. So far so good.

The problem is that I’m halfway through and the file is ginormous and unwieldy. It’s over 1.5 gigs with all the meshes and textures in there, and the NLA is a nightmare. Just a ton of stuff in one file. So I’d like to split it up into different sections that would seamlessly connect.

What’s the best way to do this? Do I want to have a bunch of individual files of character animation that are all linked together in a main file with one master camera? Or do I have completely separate and unconnected files with the same camera paths copied between them, which I render independently and combine in editing? I’m just worried that whatever I do, once I split into multiple files it’ll be hard to make sure the renders still connect perfectly. That’s why I’m been trying to stay in one project.



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