I'm creating jewelry with Blender and I'm wondering about finding/calculating the optimal suspension location. Looking at the image I uploaded, you see a small eyelet. I've used the chain simulation with rigid body physics, using higher than default iterations, etc. However the chain keeps dangling like crazy even after a few thousand frames.

I would love a few hints to create a more quiet 'gravity simulation environment' to see what happens when I move the eyelet further to the centre or to the outside. What do you suggest?

Thanks in advance,

Wim Roskam enter image description here


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Set the origin of your object at the center of its volume.

center of volume

  • Create a passive rigibody.
  • Make the jewelry an active rigidbody.
    • Increase the positional and angular damping.
  • Connect both with a point constraint where the 'hook' is supposed to be.
  • Simulate the rigid body simulation.

rigibody setup


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