I'm working on creating a COUNTDOWN ANIMATION of ten minutes 10:00 to 0:00 using the Animation Nodes Add On.

I can't find as yet a way to repeat the seconds portion so every 60 seconds so it recycles again starting over and repeating 9 more times. Is there s a loop node within the animation nodes?

I'm also unable to find a UNITS NODE offering an ability to change it's native 100, to 60. My workaround was to create two separate countdowns, one for minutes, and one for seconds next to each other. Of course one major problem with this is when the countdown begins, the minutes doesn't change from 10 to 9 immediately, instead changing 1/10th the time between 10:00 and 0:00.

Here's the current left to right setup of the nodes:

Timer Info > Delay Time 10-0 > Animate Float > Float to Text > Text Object Output

Timer Info > Delay Time 60-0> Animate Float > Float to Text > Text Object Output

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Use math operator integer modulus relative to a frame number. pseudo programming language ... I think you can translate this to BAN

time = (10 * 60 )- ((frame - offset)) #bias can be used
hour = integer(time/60)
minute = time % 60 # modulus operation

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