So here's what I've done in order:
I've modeled a spraypaint stencil, to be used in the title animation in my unity game.
I made a bezier curve, and gave the stencil the Curve modifier.
I turned on the AnimAll addon so I could animate the curve changing shape.
I animated the curve "rolling up", as if the stencil is being pulled off of a wall.
I found out unity can't handle blender curves, or blender modifiers.

I want to bake the animation in such a way that it doesn't involve a curve anymore, so unity can handle it. My current idea is that I need the movements of the vertices on the stencil to be stored as keyframes, rather than have the movements be dictated by the Curve modifier. This is my first time having to do something like this, so I'm not particularly sure how I'm going to achieve that.

Here's my project, good luck. Go into the timeline and press play and you'll see what I mean.


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