Here's a simple example,

  1. I have a .Blend with 50 objects, all appended inside my .Blend, they each have their own materials. Now I created my scene with those assets and did some work etc...
  2. My client gave me an updated version of their assets with new materials, now I need to replace every material data in my scene with this newly updated material data, both data have the same name.

Is there a smart way to replace data in blender? I know that I should have linked the assets at the first place, but sadly this is not possible (the client asked to avoid linked data in this case)

While I could doodle around in python, I'm sure there's something already existing to do that? Isn't it?


It can be a python script with a name comparison. https://docs.blender.org/api/current/bpy.types.ID.html#bpy.types.ID.user_remap


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