I've created a simple room and I have two ways to export that to Unity, each with its own problems.

First - just use the project. Second, export it to FBX.

There is a problem that appears in both approaches - the ceiling and the floor are visible only from the bottom, which is fine for the ceiling, but not good for the floor.

Not only that, when I use the project I have to delete in Blender or manually set to inactive in Unity all the objects that work with modifiers in Blender to auto cut holes in them. I don't want to delete them in Blender, because I still modify this room and when I'll delete them I'll have to add a new door if, for example, I don't like the current position of the door.

When I export to FBX though, the upside is that I can of course select manually to not import these objects, but for some reason, all the doors and a window and even a lamp are microscopically small.

I spent a couple of hours trying to find a solution to this, either on the Internet or by trial and error, and I'm stuck. Any ideas?


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