How do I save my denoised render in Blender's Composting tab?

Here's how I arrived at my problem...

  1. Rendered an Image
  2. Opened Composting
  3. Added Denoise Node
  4. Node worked perfectly
  5. Attempted to save the Image
  6. A soul-crushing defeat

Further Information

I had just rendered an image and it came out noisy, I then saved the image to my computer, so that I would have the noisy image in case anything happened.

I then decided that I wanted to do what any self-respecting human being would do, and denoise the image in Blender's 'Composting' work area.

I then added the 'Denoise' node in between my rendered image and the viewer. The image then became clear, thankfully.

However, I then searched around in vain for the 'Save Image' button.

This is where I ask you, as clear as I possibly can, "How on God's green earth do I save my now denoised image?"

Why is it so hard to just make things intuitive? Can we not have nice things? I love the software, but Christ.

Dashboard in Compositing

  1. Go to Image Editor ( The Paint Bucket icon )
  2. Click on the Mountain Icon thingy ( See Below, far left ) and from the drop-down menu click on Viewer Node

enter image description here

  1. Click on 'Image' then click Save As - it's near the Bucket Icon from before

enter image description here

  1. Rejoice.

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