I've been searching but I didn't find any solution.

Short version : Suppose I'm working on a blend file which contain a material called "MyBlueMat". I want to append or link an existing material from another blend file also called "MyBlueMat". But then I get a new material with a name like "MyBlueMat.001" and it is not applied on my object. Is there a way to override existing materials which have the same name of appended or linked material ?

Long version : in this previous example I only have one material so obviously it's easy to select the right material, but in reality I work on Sketchup import. After working on a lot of materials, if I make changes on the Sketchup file and import it again in Blender, I have to edit all my materials from zero. But if I can import all the materials from the previous blend file, I would save so much time :)

Thanks for your help !!!


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