I have a problem with caching my data when I try to run 'replay mode' for a fluid simulation in 2.9. In the 2.8x versions, you can 'free the data', when you search for free data in the Search tool by hitting (Spacebar) but I can't find it in 2.9 versions:

enter image description here

Q: How to run the 'Free Data' operator in Blender 2.9?


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The default behavior of the Operator Search dialog in 2.9x is to only list the operators that can be found in menus. In order to search for all registered operators, you currently have to enable the Developer Extras option in the preferences.

  1. Open the preferences Edit > Preferences
  2. Switch to the Interface tab
  3. Enable Developer Extras

For more information take a look at the design tasks T76227 and T74157.


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