How to toggle 'selectable' for multiple objects in outliner ? For example in outliner, if i select 50 objects, then pressing the 'selectable' button only turn on/off for current/single object. So how can i do it for multiple objects ?


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OK, you've already added 'Selectable' to your visible restriction toggles in the outliner.

  • Create a new collection for the objects you want to make simultaneously selectable / non-selectable. Call it, say, 'S1'.
  • Select the objects of interest in the 3D view or the outliner, and ShiftM link them to 'S1'. (It's a link, not a move, it won't screw up your existing organisation.)
  • When you want to toggle the selectability of all the items linked in S1, Shift-click the dart icon next to the 'S1' folder.

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