Can somebody help me on why my sprinkles are floating when i do a hair particle thingy. I did the particle properties and I'm trying to add some sprinkles. When I tried adding them as an objects, they all started floating. The scale, instead of changing the size of the sprinkles, they also change the distances of each sprinkle. What can I do so the sprinkles stay on the surface so they don't float around and so that they don't go further apart?


The problem was that the origin of your sprinkle object was very far away from the actual mesh. That is why your sprinkles are all floating above the doughnut.

All you need to do is select your sprinkle object, right click, go to Set Origin and then click Origin to Geometry.

enter image description here

After that, your sprinkles should show up on the surface of your doughnut.

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