This is my first post here so pardon any mistakes i make.

I have Delicode NI Mate running with Blender via it's add-on for Motion Capture. I have a Kinect One (v2) used to preview the motion capture data in Blender.

Ni Mate has an option to create empties and gives a list of target names in the software intereface. The problem is, while a pelvis is listed as a bone/empty, it is not created in the blender file. Has anyone found a solution to this? I have tried to change all sorts of skeleton settings to no avail. Some of the basic bones are working with no issues.

The reason why this is important to me is that the location of the hip is the parent for any rigify or other auto-rigging add-ons and the lack of a hip point warps the rig pretty badly.

Anyone with experience with this, please help me out.



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