When playing back a fluids simulation on the 3d viewport (just the simulation. No mesh, no lightning. Just the baked data):

I get low FPS on my beefy PC, while I get better FPS count on other machines that are supposedly to be inferior. I tested the same file on a similar pc of a friend, and the performance was way better.

What could be happening to my pc?

Thanks for your help!

Blender 2.90.1

  • My Pc: FPS: 3 to 5 FPS

i9- 7940x 3.10 GHz GeForce RTX 2080Ti 64 Ram Samsung SSD 960 EVO 1TB

  • My friend's pc: 8 to 11 FPS cpu has 14 cores, 28 threads 128 GB Ram NVMe SSD

  • MacBook Pro: FPS: 7,5 to 10 fps

2.9 6-core intel core i9 16 Ram Radeon Pro 560x 4 GB (not available for Blender, so I guess this doesn’t play a role) 500 Gb SSD

  • MacMini: FPS: 15 to 22 Fps (!!!)

3.2 6-core i7 64Gb ram


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