Once you've baked your fluid simulation, you can apply the Fluid in the Modifier panel in order to get one mesh that you can edit etc...

But how can you get the whole series of meshes, i.e. one mesh per frame?


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You can get obj (wavefront) meshes in the cache directory as indicated here.

Mesh File Format (Liquids Only)

File format for the mesh cache files.

Binary Object 
    Mesh data files with some compression.

    Simple, standard data format for mesh data.

The settings:

enter image description here

  • Check "Mesh"
  • In the cache part, set the directory you want
  • Choose "object" as format for the meshes

Once the simulation played, if you go to the cache directory, you'll see:

enter image description here

and the meshes in obj format are in the "mesh" subdirectory. One per frame.

So that you can import them:

enter image description here

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