My recently rigged character (using the rigify add on and automatic weights) is a bit off. The majority of the body works fine, and while the bottom lip tends to drag the upper one down, my biggest problem is eye and brow symmetry. I checked the mesh and the rig and the meta rig for symmetry, and they all seem fine, but once weights are applied, the right side doesn't work.

Disregarding that I can't seem to turn the facial mirror off, or how the left eye seems to have too much strength, or that the eye crease is what pulls the eyelid down, whenever I use the left side (since the right just doesn't do the right thing, and instead tends to dent the top of the head) it distorts the right, in parenthetical ways. It would be nice to get the left and right sides to work the same way instead of apparently being bones to different parts of the mesh. (Especially since the right bones refuse to be attached to the proper places)

How do I achieve this?


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