Rig with disconnected hair I have a rigged character who's hair needs to change. When I make the new hair a child of the rig as was the previous hair, I get a situation where a couple pieces of this complex layered mesh don't move with the rest of the hair. I would be happy to just delete those pieces of the mesh but I can't figure out a way to select them because when I go into edit mode the pose resets and those few pieces get lost in the mesh. I'd appreciate any suggestions to either get these properly connected to the rig or just to select them and delete them.

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    $\begingroup$ Kind of clunky, but I solved this by posing, copying the hair's armature modifier, and then applying the original modifier. I ended up having to reposition the hair because it moved when I copied the modifier. $\endgroup$ – Hunchbox Oct 20 at 19:11

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