First time here so I'll try to be as much specific as I can. I've been working on a Door in Blender and so far the model is going great except for one part. Whenever I try to bake the normal map from a specific area I get a rather blurry result, which then translates into poorly detailed texture. The area is composed of 3 materials, one for the outer cage, one for the screen and one for the keyboard, but I only select the material for the cage as my normal reference, the others do not have any.

The process I follow is:

  1. Select the piece I wish to bake (it has its own UV).
  2. Select the image I want to bake the normal into.
  3. Go to Bake --> Select Normal --> Hit bake.

Also the new image is attached to an UV Map that has the new coordinates specified. In addition to this the image has the next structure --> 4096x4096 with 32bit enabled and Alpha disabled, plus Non-color selected.

This is the original: Original Box

This is the result after baking: Result with Normal Image

This is the material map for the piece:

Material output

As you all can see the result is pretty nasty, with too much noise coming out of nowhere (theres another part of the door whose normal was baked simultaneously and it does not suffer the same distorsion). I tried everything I can think of and it still has the same issue. Please help!!


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