Currently, I'm working on a project consisting of reworking a map from a particular game, however, I stumbled across a roadblock when I was planning the workflow to Unreal Engine 4. I'm currently trying to work with textures and the most efficient route to do so. I've made the base mesh inside of SketchUp from scratch, that is then imported into blender to clean up the model, then is imported into UE4 via the new blender tool pipeline. However, my struggle is working with materials, at what stage is the best place to start texturing the mesh, in Blender, or UE4, or unless there's some other way in SketchUp that anyone recommends.

The blender plugin to import to UE4 doesn't even really touch textures, and the only other way is by texturing in blender, then exporting all the UV maps then manually importing back into UE4, which is extremely tedious. Another way is to separate the building mesh and then texture it in UE4, as SketchUp exports as 1 single object. So if anyone knows the most efficient way to work with textures then please let me know! (Or any plugins etc.)

SketchUp Stage Blender Stage UE4 Stage

Thanks again :)


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